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Chelsea Search and Rescue Training - 2.16.2009
On February 16, 2009 firefighters practiced search and rescue procedures during a simulated structure fire at the former Texaco Research Center in the Glenham Fire District.
Search and Rescue Drill - Photo 1 Search and Rescue Drill - Photo 2 Search and Rescue Drill - Photo 3 Search and Rescue Drill - Photo 4
SCBA Drill - 1.5.2009
On January 5, 2009, Chelsea Firefighters conducted a basic SCBA class. Firefighters learned and practiced changing bottles, regulator familiarization, how to properly wear the SCBA. After the basic instruction, firefighters donned their gear and a pack and walked around, new firefighters practiced using air while walking around.
SCBA Drill - Photo 1 SCBA Drill - Photo 2 SCBA Drill - Photo 3  
Multiple Department Water Flow Drill - 12.8.2008
On December 8, 2008, Chelsea and Glenham held a drill behind the Glenham Firehouse. The drill trained firefighters about drafting, tanker operations, relay pumping, and hand line operations. A large fire was lit using pallets and firefighters practiced and learned how to use hand lines and approaching and extinguishing the fire.
Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 1 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 2 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 3 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 4
Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 5 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 6 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 7 Live Burn w/ Glenham - Photo 8
Multiple Task Drill - 8.4.2008
On August 4, 2008, the fire company conducted a multiple task drill that included laying hose, setting up a draft, pump operations in a relay, and hand line streams. Firefighters practiced at the Chelsea Yacht Club around a pile of brush on fire.
Multiple Task Drill - Photo 1 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 2 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 3 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 4
Multiple Task Drill - Photo 5 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 6 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 7 Multiple Task Drill - Photo 8
Propane Gas Emergencies- 7.15.2008
On July 15, 2008 Chelsea hosted a class on propane gas at our sub-station. A representative from Star gas and Dave Walsh from Dutchess Community College discussed the differences between Natural Gas & Propane and the cylinders that it is shipped and stored in. The instructors also demonstrated how propane reacts when it is dispensed from unregulated and regulated valves. One demonstration showed how propane reacts when it when gas reacts when in a confined area and finds an ignition source and quickly erupts into a fireball. The Glenham Fire Dept. also participated.
Propane Drill - Photo 1 Propane Drill - Photo 2 Propane Drill - Photo 3 Propane Drill - Photo 4
Propane Drill - Photo 5 Propane Drill - Photo 6    
Burn Drill - 8.6.2007
Burn Drill - Photo 1 Burn Drill - Photo 2 Burn Drill - Photo 3 Burn Drill - Photo 4
Burn Drill - Photo 5 Burn Drill - Photo 7  
Brush Fire Drill - 6.24.2007
Brush Fire Drill - Photo 1 Brush Fire Drill - Photo 2 Brush Fire Drill - Photo 3  
Training at County Training Center w/ Hughsonville FD - 10.20.2003
DC Training Cntr - Photo 1 DC Training Cntr - Photo 2    

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